On The Citizenship Level

In 2023, Loubnaniyoun collaborated with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and "Civil Society Dialogue Table CSTD" for a workshop on "Democracy, Citizenship, and State Recovery" at Hotel Qadri-Zahle, featuring a citizenship training program by Professor Pascal Monin, discussions on media's peacebuilding role, and a workshop led by Princess Hayat Arslan on current political scenarios and reforms.

In 2016, Loubnaniyoun, DRI, and SMA organized Parliamentary Mock Elections and Municipalities Elections to train Lebanese youth on new election laws, emphasizing voting rights and democratic principles.


Minhati 2013 - 2023

Since we believe that education is a right no child should be prevented and the only path for a better Lebanon , with “Minhati” program we help needy students to continue their education and for the academic year of 2013 - 2023 we succeeded in giving 3600 scholarships thanks to private initiative and generous Lebanese people who still believes in their country and are concerned to build a better future for Lebanon.


Elderly home Visit

Since April 2021 Loubnaniyoun is implementing a health program in collaboration with MedGlobal, helping 450 Elderly in receiving medical home visit, Radiology, laboratory blood workup, equipments and medications in the area of Beirut and surroundings.


Beirut Blast

On August 4, 2020 a major explosion occurred at the port of Beirut. This explosion was extremely powerful and it shook the whole world. All eyes were on us,

As all the civil society got mobilized filling the gap caused by an inexistent and incompetent government, as Loubnaniyoun NGO, we took the streets immediatly to help in every way we can, and till this date we are still helping people in need, who are still suffering from the Blast.


Women Empowerment

Loubnaniyoun supports gender equality and through this program emphasizes the role of women in the Lebanese politics.

For over the years, we worked with nine conflicting political parties of different religious sects and succeeded with having them sign an official document to pave the way towards the progress of women in politics.



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Who We Are

We seek to make Lebanon a better place for all its citizens, through the establishment of several types of activities and projects: developmental, cultural, intellectual, social gatherings and networking, seminars, conferences, awareness campaigns, research, capacity building projects and many other types of projects that may arise based on community needs in order to disseminate the principles and ideas of the organization.





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