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Two Lebanese semi-private schools located in Jezzine Lebanon, present for over a century, have provided rigorous education to thousands of students in Arabic, French, and English. These schools are under threat of closure placing more than a 3,700 students at risk of being out of school for this academic year. Once a foundational pillar and source of national pride, the educational sector is under severe pressure and students increasingly rely on donor generosity to access primary and secondary education. Let’s ensure these students stay in school as they journey toward a better future.


About "Minhati"

We are raising these funds through Loubnaniyoun, an NGO founded in June 2012 (Decree #1140), that supports primary and secondary education for youth through needs-based financial aid programs. Loubnaniyoun will allocate 100% of donations to the schools, with no deductions for administrative or other costs. Your gift will help secure continuity of education for more than 1,000 students, and we are deeply grateful for any support you can offer to these young Lebanese in need.


400,000 - Students are at risk of being out of school this year.

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