Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Project Brief: Women Empowerment

Ongoing Project from 2014

Loubnaniyoun supports gender equality and through this program emphasizes the role of women in the Lebanese politics

For over three years Loubnaniyoun worked with nine major political parties of different religious sects and succeeded with having them sign an official document to pave the way towards the progress of women in politics

Believing that change can only be done through the political parties Loubnaniyoun’s idea to empower women in the political life of Lebanon begun by meeting regularly with nine major political parties of different religious sects resulting in the success of having them sign an official document including five major clauses to pave the way towards the progress of participation of women in politics. This official document is signed in 2016 by Representatives of Heads of Political Parties and Women who participation in the elaboration of this document:

In order to encourage Lebanese women in politics, Loubnaniyoun organized several conferences in 2016 entitled “Empowering Women” to participate in the upcoming elections

Aiming to develop women skills and knowledge, Loubnaniyoun in collaboration with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) organized a series of workshops and training to support and empower women to participate in politics and to present themselves in the municipal election in different Lebanese regions

Loubnaniyoun continued its efforts in reinforcing the role of women in the political life and the necessity of legally including the Quota in an electoral law by joining the National Coalition first in meetings held biweekly for two consecutive years to more than a hundred NGO’s and second in visits to politicians like the Prime Minister Saad El Hariri and to speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri to gather more supporters from the parliament

In January 2019, Loubnaniyoun participated to a trip to the UK organized by the British Council as an intervention designed as part of the Women Political Leader project aiming at engaging with active coalitions and networks of women and women’s organizations to advance women political participation in Lebanon. The visit to the UK will help women representatives from the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) and the Core Leadership Team of the Platform that will be initiated with the support of NCLW to advance Women political participation in Lebanon.

Moreover In September 2019, during a seminar organized by the Italian National Agency of Erasmus + Youth in cooperation with Salto Youth EuroMed ,French National Agency of Erasmus + UK National Agency and  GIZ Lebanon about the Engagement of Women in Politics and Entrepreneurship and the specific role of youth work can have in supporting their empowerment ,  Loubnaniyoun participated by presenting their experience in the field of women empowerment as a workshop to the attendees coming from all over Europe.

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