Minhati 2018 – 2019

Since we believe that education is a right no child should be prevented and the only path for a better Lebanon , with “Minhati” program we help needy students to continue their education and for the academic year of 2018/2019 we succeeded in giving 230 scholarships thanks to private initiative and generous Lebanese people who still believes in their country and are concerned to build a better future for Lebanon.


Loubnaniyoun visit to Don Bosco


Loubnaniyoun visit to Besancon School


Loubnaniyoun visit to Jbeil Schools


Loubnaniyoun visit to Sahel Alma Schools


Minhati is a program that launched in 2013; it is a scholarship program which targets high school students in Lebanon aged 14-18. It  aims to promote social development through education and targets underprivileged students who are financially in need.

Students are selected upon the following criteria:

1.Student grades

2.Extremely poor financial conditions

3.Deceased parent

4.Parent or child with disability/chronic illness

5.Number of family members


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