Minhati 2021 - 2022

“’Education is the only path for a better Lebanon”

‘’بالعلم وحده يبنى لبنان”

This is how Minhati Program was launched in 2013 being one of the main causes of the organization. Loubnaniyoun believes in the necessity and importance of education to develop our country and to give a chance to its people and to the future generations to have a better life and promising opportunities.

Minhati is an ongoing and yearly funded student scholarship program targeting youth generation all over Lebanon, provides educational scholarships to students in Semi Private schools and Private schools which tuition fees are affordable provides orientation activities, Awareness activities and Sport activities

Since 2013 till year 2022, through private funding for “Minhati” Program, Loubnaniyoun succeeded in helping 2872 students from all regions in Lebanon with part of their scholarship fees and now due to the acute economic crisis approximately 500 Families are counting on our support on a yearly basis.

The educational sector in Lebanon is collapsing and with the absence of a governmental plan we need to unify our efforts to save it otherwise we will lose the survival of our country.


Loubnaniyoun’s achievements through “Minhati Porgram”:

· Providing Scholarships to students in need, whose families are affected by the economic crisis that hit Lebanon since 2013, followed by the latest acute economic and political instability, riots and uprising in 2017, Covid 19 sanitary crisis in 2020, Beirut Blast on August 4, 2020, sinking the country in an unprecedented situation of high

unemployment rate reaching 6.7% according to Trading Economics, very low income or no income at all, poverty rate reaching 82% according to ESCWA.

· Contributing to save the educational sector from collapsing by supporting the students

· Contributing to save the educational sector by supporting the semi-private schools that are supposed to receive governmental subsidies but didn’t get any help since 2015 due to the bankruptcy of the Lebanese Government

· Contributes to promote social development through education as well as the development of the whole country through education

· Contributing to maintain a good educational level by helping students to continue their studies in the semi-private schools and not being forced to join the public schools where the educational level and infrastructure are very poor or to dropout.



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