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“Providing medical aid and support to the most vulnerable communities in Beirut”

“Providing medical aid and support

to the most vulnerable Communities in Beirut” 

In collaboration with MedGlobal Project Duration: April 2021 Till July 2021

Loubnaniyoun in collaboration with MedGlobal provided a medical program to 335 Elderly living in Beirut and precisely in the areas affected by Beirut Blast: Achrafieh, Gemmayze,Mar Mikhayel,Medawar and Karantina.

Background in which the project took place:

Today Lebanon is bankrupt, brought to its knees by decades of government mismanagement and corruption here are some figures to illustrate the situation:

  1. According to the latest Red Cross Report:
  • 80% of the Lebanese Population used their savings
  • 2,7 Million Lebanese live under the extreme poverty line
  • 7 Million Lebanese Live under the poverty line
  • 80% of the Elderly don’t have a retirement salary


  1. According to a study done by BLOM Bank in March 2021:7% till March 2021 unemployment rate and everyday this number is increasing because of the actual situation people are losing their jobs by the second.


  1. According to a study done by Byblos Bank in 2021 the cost of living in Beirut is the highest among Arab Cities in2021:

Adding to the acute crisis came the tragic explosion which affected deeply elderlies in Lebanon. According to main studies and research the proportion of Lebanese people above 65 years old increased to 7.3% in recent years .This significant increase comes with a dire absence of an efficient social security system and a well-designed retirement plan. The government and the NSSF (National Social Security Fund) is out of money : The huge amounts were used by the state to cover the budget deficit .In addition prices of medications are on the raise given the devaluation of the national currency and the need of US dollars to import meds. “The Lebanese government’s failure to pay its bills to medical facilities seriously endangers the health of the population” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. The government is not responding to the desperate economic situation in the country and the clock is ticking on the ability of many doctors and hospitals to treat patients. Adding to this catastrophic situation we have to mention that the aged people security law,(similar to pension funds), which main goal is to provide aged people (above 65) with retirement salaries and health care was issued by the Lebanese Parliament , however was never applied as it lacked the “Legislative Decrees” and mechanism required for such application.


Project Brief:

Thanks to MedGlobal, Loubnaniyoun succeeded in giving a complete Health Program to 335 Elderly affected by the actual crisis, by Beirut Blast occurred in August 4, 2020 and by the latest sanitary crisis of Covid 19.

The program included three different stages:

  • Medical Home visit with a physical diagnosis
  • Laboratory Blood Workup and Radiology
  • Distribution of medication with Tests results delivery

Loubnaniyoun collaborated with the medical team of Dr. Elie Stephan head of the Geriatric program at the University of Balamand and St. Georges Hospital, Professor and doctor in clinic specialized in Family medicine and Geriatric medicine.

Loubnaniyoun also collaborated with CEDIM Laboratory, which is one of the biggest laboratories in Beirut and the organization also collaborated with several pharmacies to ensure the necessary stock of medication.

Loubnaniyoun opened a Google Drive Account to share with MedGlobal and the Doctor’s Team: the “Reports-Elderly Program Data Documentation” sheet and the Medical Patient form filled during the visit, the Doctor’s prescriptions and treatments.

Together Loubnaniyoun and Dr. Stephan’s Team visited 335 Elderly in their homes, physically diagnosed them and asked for the needed Blood Tests and Radiology, then Loubnaniyoun coordinated with the Laboratory to follow up on Blood Tests and appointments for the radiology or Ultrasound weather cardiac and others. Once the results are out it is shared with the doctors on google drive who give their recommendation and treatment diagnosis and then the team of Loubnaniyoun coordinate with the pharmacies to get the medicines and deliver it to the patients with the results of the Laboratory. The organization also worked and regularly updated a Tracking sheet where each patient was followed up separately so all 335 cases were worked on closely and in details.


Loubnaniyoun completed the project it in 4 Months, and the help provided to the Elderly was tremendous and very efficient because Loubnaniyoun and MedGlobal are targeting here the senior citizens without any financial support not being able to take care of their health and so in a very clear way we have been able to save lives and this means the impact of the project is very important and very high. The organization encountered several severe cases where the lives of the patients have been saved thanks to the Laboratory Tests and the treatment given by the Doctors.

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