Lebanon is going through very difficult times this is the least we can say we are not living anymore we are trying to survive, every right a human being deserves we are fighting to obtain and if the situation doesn’t get better Lebanon is threatened to face an important sanitary crisis : the hospitals are not accepting patients having insurrance and social security,laboratories are also stopping asking to get paid in cash money ,medicines are out of stock and and the pharmacies are closing; medicines,hopsitals and laboratories are threatening to stop and not to be available anymore moreover citizens are standing in line to search for their medication and people are dying at the doors of the hospitals …Lebanese people lost hope praying for a miracle,the citizens are left alone dealing with all these disasters on their own :the government being unpresent and uncapable of resolving this catastrophy since he is part of the problem and behind the total decline of the country; And so today Loubnaniyoun would like to thank MedGlobal to give them the oppprtunity to light up the candle of hope in the middle of all those dark days: when we go to visit en elderly with a doctor asking him or her how is he or she doing ,giving them the chance to be well checked up by a doctor with the right advice,right medicines and get the chance to do some blood workup ,Xrays etc…giving them the righ for a better living and this at least for a Month , giving them a bit of hope in a moment where we feel they gave up waiting to die.
Thanks to Medglobal Loubaniyoun is giving hope and a chance for a better life, thanks to this elderly health help program Loubnaniyou is saving lives .

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