Loubnaniyoun – Beirut Blast


Loubnaniyoun ,Beirut Blast , August 4, 2020

The second day after the explosion we took the streets , we followed our hearts call and went to help people cleaning their homes after cleaning ours and our office, the desctruction was and still is beyond imagination and at all levels :the entire city got hit by this massive blast waves that swiped human beings, streets , buildings , homes.
The shock of this disaster made people come together in a beautiful work of solidarity and so Loubaniyoun as always driven by our mission to value every human being and his life and to make the future of our country better and brighter we gathered ourselves and our volunteers to help as much as we can and through all our means our brothers and sisters in need and with our eyes full of tears and heavy hearts, refusing to believe what happened , waking up from this nightmare and sharing the despair of the people we dedicated all our work in a rescue mission .

On august 6,Loubnaniyoun took a spot on Sassine Square to fixed a tent and we started to gather donations and register the names of the people and their needs .From this date till present 500 food boxes were distributed along with medicines ; a detailed data about the damages and the needs of the people was taken ; home visits to elderly and others to distribute food ,to check and take notes about the damages and the special needs, home visits are still made to nearly all the areas affected by the blast to take notes and pictures about the damages.
Loubnaniyoun ,conscious as ever that sometimes some people are unheard or left behind because of pain and poverty and so we are trying to help case by case and we are coordinating with others NGO’s or specialized civilians to answer people’s needs .

Today and after 19 days of continuous work and without any complaints or fatigue because our duties is to stand by each others in moments of despair ,because the pain of our fellow citizens is ours and because Lebanon is our cause Loubnaniyoun will continue in its mission to help more people in a sustainable way and to listen to them.



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