Nadine Saidy Daher

1469933_10202283384997699_104571823_nPresident of Loubnaniyoun
As our NGO's name "Loubnaniyoun" suggests, we belong to the Lebanese society which means we have dealt with many different situations. We have met people suffering of all kinds of problems as well as people who gave up on their dreams.
We, as Loubnaniyoun, are present to help people through their problems and sufferings by contributing to the community in a positive way to build a better Lebanon.

Guy Hokayem

STV_0208Vice President of Loubnaniyoun
We believe that the value of the Human being is the highest of all values, thus we put all our assets and resources to serve his/her well-being.

Toufic Saad

1521422_10151974401967982_541668223_nSecretary of Loubnaniyoun
NGOs have become the main service providers in many countries where the government is unable to fulfill its traditional role.
We, as Loubnaniyoun, are getting involved more in the Lebanese society through different aspects and in many ways. Our success can build local capacities and therefore can bring great benefits to both government and society.

Christian Hosri

249989_101828013242859_2804763_nTreasurer of Loubnaniyoun
Building Nations starts with a decent thinking.
Money is only a tool.
A good reputation is more valuable than money,that's why honesty is the best policy when there is money in it.
As Loubnaniyoun our love to lebanon and the attachement to our roots in the depth of this land, would always force us to work with transparency and clearness in order to collaborate in creating a human being as an added value to give our country the best image.

Paola Raphael

awLegal representative of Loubnaniyoun
Our goal is the consolidation of the Lebanese identity and protecting our country by building rights to provide a better Lebanon, the rule of law, justice and transparency.