We believe that the value of the human being is the highest of all values, thus we put all our assets and resources to serve his/her well-being.


Our goal is to make Lebanon a better place to live in by supporting the establishment of a free, responsible and knowledgeable society.

Targets & Work& Process-tools to achieve mission and goal:
We seek to implement interventions in the society based on participatory approach starting from community needs and priorities, through tackling humanitarian and social aspects of diverse topics: economic, educational, environmental, developmental, women’s and children’s rights, elderly, people with special needs, community welfare, health care services, urgent social problems and sustainable development.
We seek to achieve our mission through listening to people, motivating their endeavors, engaging and participating in their efforts. Hence, we aim to support the people at all levels in order to make a positive contribution to their lives and to make Lebanon the ultimate home for all the Lebanese to live in.

We seek to make Lebanon a better place for all its citizens, through the establishment of several types of activities and projects: developmental, cultural, intellectual, social gatherings and networking, seminars, conferences, awareness campaigns, research, capacity building projects and many other types of projects that may arise based on community needs in order to disseminate the principles and ideas of the organization. We also seek to build partnerships with other civil organizations that have complementary or similar mission to ours in order to build a better Lebanon.



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